Primary School is where all of our journies begin.

Our business also started at primary school, where our founder noticed gaps and faults in the education system. 

Children are taught in large classes, all expected to achieve a set goal - this way of teaching does not work for every child. 

We have found that focused support with a more personalised teaching approach is the best way for children to learn.

This is the service we aim to provide.


Our mission is to provide high quality, meaningful learning experiences for every child. 

We aim to teach in a way that is enjoyable for the child through positive reinforcement, implementing games and by teaching in a happy environment. This approach motivates the child and gives them a postitive outlook on their learning.


We also aim for learning to be personalised. We ensure that every lesson your child is taught targets their areas of improvement. This then allows the child to progress to their full potential.

We promise to work alongside parents to teach your child in the way that YOU want. Your child will be taught in a way that is suited to their needs and learning styles.

We will assess your child regularly and make sure that every lesson focuses on what they need to learn.


This company focuses on Personalised Learning For Your Child.


What makes us different?

We provide personalised learning for your child.

This is done through various assessments and activities implemented in their first session. The assessment which is carried out will then be used to create a tailored support plan, following the requirements of the National Curriculum.

This means that your child's learning will be personalised to them and to their needs.


Support in English can be provided in a variety of ways.

A wide range of activities and tasks are planned based on the needs of every child. 

For children in KS1, this often involves work on Phonics, spelling, punctuation and writing tasks. 

KS2 focuses on SPaG, learning language devices, reading comprehension and writing.


There are many aspects to teaching maths and every child learns differently. We aim to encourage independent learning to encourage children to find their own learning styles.

For children in KS1, learning may include practical activities,educational games and focus work.

KS2 work often focuses on times tables, games, written work and problem solving tasks.