We are based in Birmingham


Leopold Street, 


B12 0UL

Sessions cost only £15 per hour.

1:1 and online sessions cost £30 per hour.

To ensure children are able to stay focused, we are unable to allow parents to sit in during lessons.

Collaboration between tutors and parents is key. Once regular sessions have been confirmed, your child will have their own exercise book. This allows parents to see what work is being completed after each lesson. Verbal feedback is also provided at the end of every session, allowing time for questions and requests for support on chosen topics.

Sessions only take place at the business address. There is unfortunately no way for us to travel.

Lessons must be paid for with cash so please make sure to pay just before or just after your lesson. Everyone is required a minimum of one lesson a week so this can be paid for in bulk or on the lesson. 

We value collaborative working but do still offer 1:1 tuition sessions at a higher rate. 1:1 sessions will cost £30 per hour.

All resources will be provided. Once you have booked regular sessions, your child will be provided with a stationary set. They will have a school bag, writing book, pencil, pen, rubber, sharpener, post it notes and a chosen prize.

We teach children within the primary school sector from Year 1 up to Year 6. We are also able to provide support for children in Reception, leading to Year 1 and children in Year 7, still working on the Year 6 curriculum aims.

Yes! We specialise in 11+ preparation - we work on English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non verbal Reasoning and creative writing. We have also provide support with SATs exams, phonics and multiplication exams.

The first lesson will start off with an assessment of your child based on the year group they are in. Relevant tests, task sheets, games and activities will be planned to assess your child's progress and learning styles. Parents will then be provided with a summary sheet of their child's progress, a set of 'I can' statements to show National Curriculum requirements for the child, and a contract to be signed before the next lesson.

Everyone is required to book a minimum of one lesson a week. While you must book for one weekly lesson, you can cancel sessions at any time. Our sessions are on a 'pay as you go' service so there is no commitment to having lessons for a certain length of time. 

As well as cancelling your place with us, you can also rebook your lesson for another day or cancel your session for the week. This must be done at a minimum of 24 hours notice and those who fail to provide this notice must pay a 50% fee (except for illness or emergencies).

All of the above terms must be met by all, beginning from their very first lesson. 

Group numbers will vary but most include 3 children. However, when groups are larger, the group numbers can reach up to 5 or 6 children altogether.

While children work among peers, their work will still be personalised to them and to their needs - our company promises 'personalised learning for your child' and this applies to every child.

If you request homework, we will be happy to provide one piece of homework per lesson. This can be for either English or Maths.