Mission statement 

Every child has the right to an education suited to their needs and learning styles.
Our aim is to work alongside parents and children to ensure each child is given the resources and support needed for them to reach their full potential. Lessons are planned in accordance to the child's progress within the National Curriculum outcomes - teaching is based purely on children's own learning needs.

Our goal is to provide personalised learning for every child.


Our curriculum

We base our curriculum on a variety of teaching strategies and schemes.

Every lesson that is planned is formed from National Curriculum requirements so all children will be learning concepts that they are legally required to learn. Depending on the child's level of learning, they may be taught based on curriculum topics aimed at older year groups or younger year groups. 


Methods used:

  • Outdoor learning
  • Learning through play
  • Using technology 
  • Collaboration 


How it works 

After getting in touch with our company and booking your first session, your tutoring journey will begin. 


Step 1) We discuss what your goals are - this is the time for any previous school reports, or letters, to be provided. After everything has been finalised, your first lesson will be booked. 

Step 2) The first session will focus on the assessment of your child's learning. They will be tested on their abilities in their chosen subject and we will work together to identify strengths and areas of development. Different tasks, games and activities will also take place in order for your child's learning styles to be assessed. 

Step 3) After the session is complete, you will be given immediate verbal and written feedback 

-- You will be given 'I can' statements to show what your child should be aiming for within their year group (accoring to National Curriculum requirements)

-- A report will have been created to discuss strengths and areas of development. This will be provided, as well as verbally discussed to ensure all points are understood and agreed upon.

-- A contract will be given to set terms and expectations.


After agreeing upon a second lesson, a support plan will be put in place to ensure that every session planned for your child targets their needs. Your child will also be provided with the neccessary tools for their learning.