How it works...


Step 1) Discuss your expectations and goals and book your first lesson.

Step 2) A test paper will be completed during your child's first lesson in order for their knowledge to be assessed. The test will then be used to create a PERSONALISED learning plan for your child.

Step 3) After the first lesson, you will receive immediate verbal and written feedback.

All parents/guardians will be given:

  • 'I can' statements based on the National Curriculum 

  • A report to summarise your child's progress within the Curriculum

  • A contract to sign before the next lesson

  • The test papers completed that day 

Our Curriculum

We base our teaching on the National Curriculum. From the requirements within this document, we implement a variety of teaching strategies.

Our Teaching Methods

Depending on the preferences of the child and parent, our teaching methods can vary.

Our aim is to make learning meaningful, enjoyable and personalised, so we try to include this in all of the lessons we teach.